5 NEW Reasons to Move to NYC Since COVID-19

“Everyone’s moving away from NYC!” I hear that. Scratch that; I see that narrative all over. The nations’ urban centers are hurting right now on so many fronts: COVID dangers; shut down businesses; crime; societal unrest. All these strangle the life of the city.
And yet, I find in this scenario a great reason to stay, or even to move to NYC, connect with a local church, and continue to make disciples. I could give a many other reasons to be here. But at least consider these five new reasons since COVID-19 has taken hold over the past 7 months. 1. COVID ConditionsNYC has about 20,000 COVID related deaths to date, taking a 10% bite out of the nation’s numbers.[1] This is not a reason to leave, but a reason to come and make disciples.

“When the going gets tough, the tough finally begin to think about their mortality.” That’s how it goes, right? Fear of disease actually spikes a population’s interest in spiritual things. A fellow Pastor shared with me recently about a young lady whose concer…

Trusting God's Purposes

Do you find yourself wondering where your path is headed in life?Certainly you have wondered where the path of the country and even the path of the world is headed. Perhaps you also wonder if God’s ultimate purpose is still in place. Paul wrestled with that when considering some events of his own time. He gives some “worshipful advice” to these thoughts (text below).I’ve been meditating throughthat advice this week as I continue to work through the book of Romans. The final verses of chapter 11 are precious. Paul has been wrestling with the plans of God as a Jewish man in a church body that had become primarily Gentile. His burden was to see more Jewish people believe in Jesus as Messiah. And so he had to leave all these things in God’s mysterious hand. God encourages us to do the same when we don’t know exactly why what is happening happens to be happening.Even when we don't understand the ways of God, His purposes are still certain. When we don’t fathom what He is doing, we must…

19 Years After 9/11 - Finding Hope After Destruction

Where do we go after times of destruction? Even destruction so great that it looms over our horizon for 20 years?
This is a quiet day down here at the 9/11 memorial. Today marks 19 years since those dreadful attacks that killed 2,977 people. Perhaps you are grieving the loss of a loved one today … or perhaps just remembering someone that you miss.
Perhaps you are facing a different day of destruction in your town today. We see images of many other devastating events today, because of fire, looting, or even the effects of COVID on a community.

And, perhaps you are facing another, internal devastation that no one even knows about. The Bible gives us a place for hope in these times.

Topical Bible Study - Sadness

This is the second of several topical studies that I’m doing to understand our emotions from a biblical perspective. Before we get to the study, let me begin with one overarching observation. As Christians (and everyone?), we usually view sadness as a negative disposition or emotion. And yet, Jesus states, “Happy are you who mourn!” How different from our society which is consumed with pushing away sadness as the ultimate end goal to life. 
Eliminating sadness from your existence as a life goal is a practice in futility, and is not healthy. Christian, have you ever considered that sadness might be a good emotional experience for you today? Yes, in moderation. And yes, temporarily. But we should know how to live content, to the glory of God, in sadness as well as in happiness. We often hear “Let’s pray that God gives him victory over his sadness.” Well, we want people to move on from sadness, but let’s not think that just because Jim Bob is sad that he is living outside of God’s will. T…