Inductive Bible Study Class - Part 1 Opening Information and Background ...

Join me every Saturday at 8:30 am LIVE on my channel to learn how to study the Bible for yourself. Examine together - "The Amazing Message of Micah!"  In this introductory lesson we learn an overview of Inductive Bible Study and dive into the background of Micah's writing.

What is LOVE ❤️? Learn the Bible's Key to agape #Love. FREE #Loving book...

Learn the Key to love in this week's video. We'll also look at a great example of love from a family that took a Jewish girl in during the Nazi occupation of holland demonstrating true, agape love. Free Kindle book download on Developing Loving Relationships Here:

2023 Chronological Bible Reading Program

 I trust your Bible reading has gone well this year! If you are looking for a Chronological plan, you can view it here ( pdf of ChronologicalBibleReading ). Print the pdf and then mark off the reading for each day. Grace to you!

FREE Book Offer / Help My Devotional Time! "Developing A Daily Devotiona...

“Developing a daily devotional time with God” - This resource is available for free download on kindle through Thursday.  Overview here: Download here: B0BR6C446L?ref_=cm_sw_r_apin_ dp_QQ5DGBZ1HB0BCDH2HAY3 #biblestudy #2023 #tips #BibleJournaling #BibleMargin #DevotionalTime #Devotions

Free Book Offer: Family Devotional / Time Book Recommendation / Tips

I'm so excited to offer a free devotional book for families from Bible Visuals International. This is a helpful tool help you to have a consistent family devotional time. Watch for a code for a free book offer for our YouTube channel listeners. New book on Philippians: "Have this mind..."

Giving Thanks When Life is Rough - Gospel Centered Thanksgiving

I’m a cup half-full type of person (or at least I hope so). But even the optimist can struggle to  find life’s silver lining. Is there hope for the pessimist?  Society doesn’t help us find the good in the bad, the diamond in the coal, the flowers after the storm. The noise of news and media mania only points our eyes to the coal, the storm, the bad. And then the positive is an afterthought, 20 seconds of copy at the end of the program. But God reminds us that the new-heart gives thanks for all things, the storm and the flowerfull effects. “Always giving thanks for all things  in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ  to God, even the Father” (Ephesians 5:20). Giving thanks for all things is done in Christ Jesus. “In Christ Jesus” puts the Gospel in our Thanksgiving and allows us to thank God in all things. Case in point, Paul is writing from prison! And so, considering we’ve been redeemed; we can thank God in all circumstances.  I love the perspective of Pastor and Bible teacher, Matthew H